Goes up with the bottle and down with the beer
The only thing I think i really need is you here
I never thought missing you would be my biggest fear
But I don’t think you even care

All the cigarettes and the bottles cant make you disappear
Burn it down with the ashes to make it clear
This is hard, you’re so hard to be near

All the memories make me hate myself
All this pain makes me want to get help
But once it’s all finally delt
You would be the last thing that I felt

My heart is swollen from all this pain
I hate it when I hear people call your name
Just another reminder that puts me to shame

Remember the time when we spoke
The time when we had a little hope
But everything turned to hell and we broke


I can only act fine for so long


I held you close as we both shook, for the last time, take a good hard look.

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All the things that you never ever told me, all the smiles that are never ever…

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like violence you have me forever and after

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